Product or service reviews allow the seller to project an objective opinion, while also giving the buyer insight to what is not obvious, but is yet necessary, for the buyer’s decision making process.


A few Sales Reviews I wrote

  • Janaki Hotel’s Valentine Dinner  – Selling an experience

The client (Janaki Hotel) wanted to introduce the menu to the prospecting buyers without just listing it out in point-form. The following review was written to introduce the customer to the menu while also giving them insight to the experience that is on offer at Janaki Hotel.

sales review  2.pngreview for janaki hotel.PNG

  • Transgreen LED bulbs – Selling a product

sales review  1.png

review for led bulbs.JPG

A few Personal Reviews I wrote

  • Ravi Sathyajith Photography – Selling a service 

Ravi is an expert in capturing human emotions. You don’t have to be a model and you don’t need photoshop to take magazine -worthy photos of yourself. Ravi will capture you as you are, but with such skill that only he seems to possess, he turns the ordinary to extraordinary. He applies tremendous weight to the expressions and the emotions on your face and posture, converting the result to a work of art. Ravi is passionate, driven and possess a raw and rare talent which he manipulates so well, may it be a human face, a wooden mask, a pearl necklace, a ridiculously red Gerbara or a hem of a dress, he will give it soul. 

  • Adagio Chorale (Choir) – Selling a service 

Have you been to those choral services that have the power to lift you off your seats and reach out to your souls in such a manner that is almost feels divine? Well, ‘Adagio Chorale’ is your choir of choice if you wish to re-create that magical lifting of the soul at your event; may it be at the celebration of your own wedding mass, a corporate event where rich classical melodies will be appreciated, or even a private celebration of connected souls…  ‘Adagio Chorale’ the all-male choir of five, specialize in christian choral music and a’capella  performances, and have been performing for over a decade now on both local and international audiences. 


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