A blog is a platform that allows the writer to express thoughts and ideas in a more personal tone welcoming comments and sharing thoughts with a like-minded audience who read in the hopes of taking and giving.

Business blogging is not too different and allows the business to relate to their customer is a more personal manner while delivering their message and sharing knowledge. The personal touch gives the brand an identity with which the customer can relate and for that reason, will trust.

Blogs usually cater to people who enjoy reading, and for that reason some blogs can be rather long. However, as far as the content is engaging and manages to hold the attention of the reader, the length doesn’t matter: Mine are usually short.

Here’re a few blogs I’ve done adapting varying tonalities in the hopes of catering to the interests of the audiences of the respective blogs.

Blue Roses Events

Pixy Owl – Hand-Made Baby & Kids Products

PickMe Blog (Archived 2015)

Wow.lk Blog (Archived)

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