I’m a content creator & communicator, in both English & Sinhalese.

I wrote my first story when I was 7, it was a story about how a little girl grew up to become a great author and how her children and grandchildren enjoyed reading her stories. So her legend goes on and on…

I was obviously writing about my dream to become that great author…

Maybe someday…

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I started work in a startup so I’m startup material; I had a miserable time the one time I joined an established, traditional workplace.

Through my work experience so far there are 3 things about me that can be confirmed by anyone I’ve worked with:

1. I deliver impressive business content and there is hardly any situation I can’t work out a solution for (with words).

2. I am brutally honest and have profound work ethics. Basically I don’t buy BS & therefore don’t sell it either.

3. I build very effective work relationships with coworkers who do a decent job, others who do a less than satisfactory job will find me really tough to work with.

That’s me for now.



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